Battlefield: Hardline Confirmed and Announced :P

YUP people it’s official Battlefield is going annual, with the confirmation today of Battlefield: Hardline set to release this November 2014 for last gen console(Xbox 360, Play Station 3), next gen( Xbox One, PlayStation 4), and the PC. Kind of makes me cringe to the fact that Battlefield 4 isn't fixed yet when they first tried to pull it off with Battlefield 4 on that many platforms. Yet they’re attempting to do it again this year. So the biggest question is do we have enough faith in them to pull this off without it exploding like the last few Battlefield games? Hmm..., I’m not sure I still occasionally play Bad Company 2 multiplayer more than other Battlefield games. Seriously please make a Battlefield campaign worth playing otherwise just give us Bad Company 3 I’d be happy to settle with that.

So what details have been confirmed, released, and leaked as of now, Battlefield: hardline is being developed by Visceral Games the developers behind dead Space 2, Dead Space 3, and James Bond : Everything or Nothing(best 007 game played back in the day ;D). This time around Battlefield: Hardline will be taking the more of a cops and robbers theme (Payday?) and stepping away from its usual military shooter form that made the franchise, certainly going to be a hit or miss in my opinions. According to leaks posted all over the web earlier this week, leaks that some of the class names are Enforcer, Mechanic, Operator, and Professional on a map called MP_Downtown. Games modes called Blood Money, Bomb Squad and Carrier Assault. Huh there also leaks about vehicles such as motorcycle, helis, and cars.

My earlier speculation upon looking at leaks: “hell yeah lets go rob a bank in Blood money mode on Downtown by driving a tank through the front door LOL” would be kind of interesting. Can be somewhat confirmed with recently so called leaked trailer of Battle Field: Hardline code name Omaha(confirmed to be six months old now, source) detailing everything from single player to multiplayer check it out, and see for yourself.

After watching the leaked trailer I’ve to say it’s somewhat gotten me pumped for Battlefield Hardline, while it’s still questionable if it’s worth getting on release day. Not to worry the real deal about Battlefield: Hardline will be revealed on June 9, 2014 at E3. So yeah let the waiting begin. What are your thoughts on the announcement?

Oh almost forgot Battlefield 3 is free on the house in Origin till June 3, 2014 get you Battlefield fix on PC with a free Battlefield 3 until Hardline, good timing eh?

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  • Koolaid Guy
    Koolaid Guy 4 years ago said:

    Meh it was just a Battlefield 4 reskin IMO

    • Obee Won Konabee
      Obee Won Konabee 4 years ago said:

      it sure was that’s why it got delayed, better texture is needed lol

  • Ozzy Maxwell
    Ozzy Maxwell 5 years ago said:

    Yer I’m probably going to skip this one and wait for BC3. But hard line campaign looks more promising than the last 2 BF games that left a terrible taste. Don’t know why they make us pay $60 for only half a game that’s good. In the case of BF4 lets not even go there….

    • Obee Won Konabee
      Obee Won Konabee 4 years ago said:

      ya, EA and dice had a chance to top COD but stain their rep with BF4 and titan fall. Wasted money on my b4 premium.


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