Deus Ex:Mankind Divided release date and pre-order cash grab

The long awaited Deus Ex: Mankind Divided gets some pretty interesting details coming out from PAX 2015. When Square Enix unveils Mankind divided collectors and official release date of February 23, 2016. It wasn't that bad until they announced the pre-order bonuses which were obliviously a massive, elaborate cash grab plan, with over 8 digital content locked behind this pay wall, but the final pre-order tier is the one that has gotten everyone on the internet angered and offend.

Ah yes, just look at this bloody mess. 4 tiers of goodies, but you only one of each in each tier what is this nonsense, so four extra content and 4 days early release date. Hubbub what you say, Square Enix. If they reach maximum pre-order goal they will release the game four days early. Yeah, you heard it, they confirm they could release the game 4 days early, but decided to put it behind a massive pay wall. Talk about offending your fans and customers for the crash grab scheme.

Deus ExMankind Divided preorderDeus Ex:Mankind Divided preorderDeus Ex:Mankind Divided preorder

But wait; get a look at the collector’s edition they’re putting out for Deus Ex Man Kind Divided. Available for PC, Xbox One, and PS4. The collector’s edition will cost you a whopping $139.99USD and what it will get you:

  • Steel book case.
  • 9 inch Adam Jensen Figurine.
  • 48 page Art Book.
  • All Preorder bonus from the “Augment your Preorder”.
Deus Ex Mankind Divided collectors editionDeus Ex Mankind Divided collectors edition
Talk about taking pre-orders bonus to a whole new level of horrible. Like come on Square Enix if you knew that you can release a game 4 days earlier why put it behind a pay wall. It'smorally wrong and bad business practice. That does nothing but piss off your fans and customers. I for one never pre-order games, but I urge fellows gamers to do the same. So we will never have these kind of bad practices happen. So do you agree or disagree? if you still want to Pre-order here are the links:
Square Enix store(US)
Square Enix store(EU)
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  • Connor West
    Connor West 3 years ago said:

    4 days early release date preorder bonus is Bullshit

  • Master Ken
    Master Ken 3 years ago said:

    Srsly this practice needs to be boycotted

  • JewBa the hut
    JewBa the hut 3 years ago said:

    worse idea ever Square Enix

  • ADAD
    ADAD 3 years ago said:

    they Punched a baby with those kind of pre-orders bonus

  • Delta PO
    Delta PO 3 years ago said:

    tier 5 is a big middle finger from square enix

  • Krispies
    Krispies 3 years ago said:

    Ouch those pre order bonus are terrible


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