JasonDarkX2Howdy there!

The name’s Jason, pleased to make your acquaintance. I’m a 24 year old (at time of writing) male freelance Full Stack developer and aspiring tech/gaming journalist from Toronto, Ontario. This is my gaming/tech blog and official site for my online identity JasonDarkX2. Here you’ll find my reviews, tutorials, tech/gaming related news, which I casually write from time to time. The first time I wrote my about page I was probably high on Cookies or something, honestly it wasn't anything spectacular lol.

Anyways JasonDarkX2.com having been officially online more and a year and I’m finally satisfied with how things are going here. So taking another shot of writing this about segment now is a lot easier if you get my flow. Hmm…. What else I could tell you, well, I started JasonDarkX2.com right after graduating from College as an ambitious project to turn I what I learned and dream of doing as a kid into a reality when I started my career.

But what eventually happened was my first ideas had grown to be so large and crazy even for me to handle at the time. So the scope of the project eventually became create a website that can provide resources and share information allowing me to enjoy my passion for writing and coding, while still honing skills and mastering everything that goes along with running a site. Meanwhile the large and crazy idea I had in the beginning maybe out of reach at moment.The dream of reaching that ultimate goal will never burn out. Since I see myself enjoy doing this for the rest of my life, there’s probably no end to this never-ending massive project.

In terms of reviews I generally write them if I feel something is worth wild or worth mentioning cause man things are expensive these days and sometimes you might wonder if the new stuff is really worth it or if the older stuff is still worth looking into as you wait for the new stuff to go on sale.As I'm not a big fan of pre-ordering or getting something on the release date, since things can be patched and improved. Everybody by now should know that if something is good, you can bet there's a GOTY(Game of the Year) or repacked version of it later on. But is really still worth it by then? Well let’s just say I'm that middle guy trying to help you with that with his reviews.