Splinter Cell:Conviction Xbox One Controller Fix

With the Tom Clancy’s Humble Bundle going on as of now, many have asked me how’d you get the Xbox One controller to work with it correctly cause if you haven’t already tried. Buttons are swapped and right analog stick doesn't work, etc.. Well, you’re in luck; I have a quick fix that sure will get you up and running Splinter Cell: Conviction(PC) with the Xbox One Controller in no time. Without further ado, lets dive into it.

Before we start these are the requirements:

  • Xbox One controller obviously, or any third party controller that’s PC compatible cause this tutorial will fix those too.
  • Xbox One Controller for Windows drivers installed
  • Uplay account
  • Splinter Conviction with all of its patches installed.
  • X360ce(32-bit) you can get it here:  http://www.x360ce.com/
  • Winrar or 7-zip *Optional*

  • UPDATE-02/05/2019: The current build of X360ce( apparently may not be working properly. If you get to the point where “Default Settings for Most Popular Controllers” tab is blank and/or still experiencing unusual controller behaviors. You'll  have to use an earlier build of X360ce(version to be exact).  I've uploaded  a copy of X360ce to DropBox Cheers!!

    Once you have everything downloaded and ready to go. The first thing you want to do is extract X360ce.zip. Once extracted, what you want to do is move the X360ce.exe to your Splinter Cell: Conviction game directory where the games exe is located. The games exe should be located within the src\system\ directory. If you see Conviction_game or Conviction_game.exe, you're in the correct directory.
    For example the default path to the games exe would be:
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Ubisoft\Ubisoft Game Launcher\games\Splinter Cell Conviction\src\system\

    splinter Cell Conviction game propertiesFinding Your Splinter Cell Conviction install directory

    If you don’t know where your game is installed, just head over to your UPlay and open Splinter cell Conviction extended menu and head over to game properties then Local Files the directory will be shown there. Simply hit the Open Folder button and you shall be taken there.

    Creating input filesCreating input files

    Once copied over simply right click on x360ce.exe and run it as administrator. Allow it to search Automatically for settings, when it asks if you want to create a Xinput1_3.dll file simply hit the Create Button, if there’s an exception error message just hit continue. Now you to have to close X360ce.exe and run it again as administrator.

    Now hit the controller one tab you should see an Xbox 360 controller, verify that your controller is working properly by hitting/clicking buttons and a green dot will light up on the image corresponding to which button you clicked.

    set controller settings in X360ceset controller settings in X360ce

    Once verified working head over to the Controller Settings tab, you should notice that your controller/Device is selected on the top left corner and the Program/Game exe on its right. Now what you want to do is head over to “Default Settings for Most Popular Controllers” tab and pick Controller (Xbox 360 wireless receiver for Windows) from the list. Then hit Load ,afterwards hit Yes when it asks "load Preset Setting?"

    Once successfully saved, delete the x360ce.exe boot game and enjoy Splinter Cell Conviction with your Xbox One Controller (^.^) hope this help anyone having trouble playing Splinter Cell Conviction with the Xbox One Controller or any other controller. If you have questions, feel free to leave it in the comments sections.

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    • Tom
      Tom 3 months ago said:

      Thanks a lot. This really is great help. Finally got x1 controller on set.

    • Ray
      Ray 4 months ago said:

      I appreciate this guide but some stuff is still messed up. My Rt Stick doesn’t do anything. It seems my triggers control the camera but no up down and of course A is B, and B is X and so forth. I can crouch though ;-)

      • JasonDarkX2
        JasonDarkX2 3 months ago said:

        Thank You, please check the update I’ve posted and give that a try.

    • Henry G Wilson
      Henry G Wilson 10 months ago said:

      this isn’t working for me. “Default Settings for Most Popular Controllers” tab isn’t showing up, and Xbox 360 wireless receiver for Windows isn’t in the available list. just Xbox 0ne controller. :(

      • JasonDarkX2
        JasonDarkX2 3 months ago said:

        Please check the update I’ve posted.

    • JasonDarkX2
      JasonDarkX2 1 year ago said:

      the x360ce.exe has to be in the same directory as the game executable which this case it’s conviction_game.exe, in order to select it in the program drop down menu

    • Crepin Hugo
      Crepin Hugo 1 year ago said:

      Bonjour, je n’ai rien dans la case “program” du controller setting, comment arranger cela ?

    • Alex
      Alex 2 years ago said:

      A big thanks!!! great work everything seems to be ok now i ve try couple min but all controls works well let see if everything will keep going well thank you verymuch!!!!!

    • ВалокШахты
      ВалокШахты 2 years ago said:

      RE:Splinter Cell:Conviction Xbox One Controller Fix Валок salford Макушино

    • Fad
      Fad 2 years ago said:

      I cant make it work!, first it worked, but then i started to play other games with controller issues and downloaded xpadder and then when i tried to play again SCC and it got back to the same controller problem and now it cant be fixed!.

      Do you know what else can be done? Pls help

      • JasonDarkX2
        JasonDarkX2 2 years ago said:

        Hmm… well lets try to fix SCC first. You mentioned other games with controller problems and you installed Xpadder to remedy them. Have you tried fully disabling Xpadder before running SCC with fix? otherwise simply delete Xpadder as it enforces uses of controller drivers which conflicts with SCC and the fix. Then verify files either from Uplay or if you have it in on steam, best to do it from Steam. After verify is complete reapply above fix.

    • Alex
      Alex 3 years ago said:

      you are my hero, i want marry you anyway if you are male : D


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