YouTube Red a subscription base YouTube WTF?

When the news broke Wednesday about YouTube gets a subscription base platform, everybody on the internet grabbed their pitchforks and torches in preparation for the pending battle of YouTube going to pay to watch. But not to worry, this new subscription based platform now officially known as YouTube Red is totally separate from the free and ad supported YouTube which will still available to use. So what’s the deal, eh?

Well, in an official YouTube Blog Post, YouTube Red will be launching on October 28, 2015 exclusively in the U.S.A. for the time being with a $9.99USD or $10.00USD monthly subscription fee. Promising to deliver you with the ultimate YouTube experience, But what that really entitles is an Ad free experience to watch your favourite and already existing videos on YouTube, smh…. it’s like they never heard of the free ad blocker extension for Google Chrome or they assume everyone is still only using Internet Explorer ha-ha.

YouTube Red will include other apps such as YouTube Gaming, YouTube Music, and Google Play Music functionality, allowing you easily to watch and listen to music. Smh… Once again, it’s like they don’t think people actually use the MP3 player feature on their phone or iPod.

But if the last two pitches haven’t got you intrigued for the new platform yet, YouTube Red will offer the ability to save video to watch offline or tablet and play videos in the background for a fee of course, which we can already do for free on a computer transferring files.

But wait, it gets better, hopefully starting next year YouTube Red will get member-only access to new movies, TV Shows, and original shows from some of YouTube’s biggest creators. Creators like Rooster Teeth, PewDiePie, Fine Brothers, and MatPat (The Game Theorists) just to name a few from their lineup(link).

Love it or hate it? We Canadians can’t really decide just yet since the free 30-day trial starting on October 28, 2015 is only available for US viewers, but for that last 24 hours when it revealed everyone is still baffled and confused whether YouTube Red subscription will be a replace the famous and free YouTube service. Well, let’s put it this way, if you don’t support it, don’t buy the membership, I bet it’s surely just a Google/YouTube marketing experiment to see whether if people would support a paid YouTube service. I for one don’t like it nor support it because as a creator you’ll might have to sign up for the red service for your video to show up otherwise it will be private, way to screw over your new content creators with bad practices. Only time will tell how this will go.

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  • JewBa the hut
    JewBa the hut 3 years ago said:

    Youtube Red sucks, I wanted to cancel my free trial subscription on second hour of usage.

  • Jessica Pepper
    Jessica Pepper 3 years ago said:

    Ad-blocker is free Youtube Reds solution is pay for it, so creators and investor can be happy. Along with offering other features that are free on computers now has a Youtube Red brand. whoop-dee-doo…

    • Danger Red
      Danger Red 3 years ago said:

      the funny thing is it was ads that got them into the mess they’re into

  • Earney Earnet
    Earney Earnet 3 years ago said:

    i don’t watch many videos and only go to youtube for short excerpts of shows that i’m interested in even then its only once or twice a week. i’m guessing they’re trying to compete with netflix which i don’t care either nor like. Would i pay for youtube red? um, no ;)

  • Ben
    Ben 3 years ago said:

    Youtube Red is such as joke, they’re wasting money and time investing on big Youtubers only. When the other 95% content are only hobbyist posting videos cause they gets no love</3. There's no incentive to start a YouTube channel now.

  • Sam
    Sam 4 years ago said:

    So true, 70% of what they are offering for $10/month we can do for free already. Don’t much care for originals series

  • SpacehamsterGina
    SpacehamsterGina 4 years ago said:

    lol pay to watch people who think they are important and famous. This isn’t going take off well


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